Meet Ash Jurberg


Writer. Traveller. Comedian. Marketer. Bad Singer.

Ash has always been a writer. He loves using words to entertain and inform.

  • He has over 20 years in Marketing and Advertising experience.
  • Has run his own Global Cultural Exchange Business.

  • Avid traveller who has visited 105 countries.

  • Created and launched the first home delivery service in Australia in 1995.

  • Top Writer on Medium in Creativity, Satire, Humor and Marketing.

  • Co Editor of the Inspired Writer.

  • Father of twin boys.

  • Loves bullet points.


Freelance Writing

Ash’s work on a variety of topics has been published.

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Weaving magic with words to make help brands stand out.

Comedy Writing

Published work on humor and satire. Want a laugh? Head here!

top writer on Medium Ash Jurberg

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